As a running club, we try to reach as much of the community as we can.  Below are some examples of ways we might be making a difference.  


This is an email we received from Karen Sullivan at Pathway to Empowerment.


Hi There!

I just wanted to send you a quick note on behalf of the runner's club in our After School Program! We've been using your page ( http://www.panhandlerunners.com/links/ ) quite a bit lately, while going over different resources to help train for an upcoming race  :)

As a Thank You, I wanted to pass along another resource that the group found about all ways to train and build endurance for various long distance races: (http://www.howtoloseweightfast.com/get-fit-and-lose-weight-distance-race-training-resource/ ) 

We've actually been using it just as much as your page and thought that maybe you would want to include it on your Links page! I was hesitant to email you at first but the group keeps asking if I've talked to you about it yet haha! 

Would you possibly consider adding it for them?  I would love to surprise and show them before next week, that their research find has actually benefited someone else! They would be so excited! :)

Thanks again!

Mrs. Karen Sullivan 
Pathway to Empowerment


Here is the story on Joe Fejes. He has signed up and will be running the Torreya State Park's Draggin' Tail 50K Ultra Trail Challenge. Joe just set the new Guinness World Book of Records' 24 Hour Sand Run. The previous record was 83.7 miles. He ran 134 miles! On the Beach! 

Here is a great article on Joe Fejes. Joe just set the new World Record 24 Hour run in sand in Destin, FL on February 16-17th. Here is an interview about his run. He also mentions the Torreya State Park's Draggin' Tail 50K Ultra Trail Challenge near Bristol, FL on April 6th.. He will be using it as a training run for the upcoming 24 Hour World Championship that will be held in Steenbergen, Netherlands on May 11th.